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How Can I Help?

"Our greatest natural resource  is the minds of our children."


 Walt Disney

A.H.A.V.A. Academic Fair
Join our Readathon! 
Four Easy Steps:


1. Download the sponsor form. Click here.


2. Get some sponsors. 

Sponsors could be friends, grandparents and other relatives, or your next door neighbor.

Ask them to sponsor you for 50 cents, a dollar, or 2 dollars a book.


3. Read books!

The more the merrier! Power up your Kindle, Nook, or IPad. Activate your library card.


4. Collect the pledges .

Donations may be mailed or done online. For more information, click here.

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
Dr. Suess, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Collect Books For Us

Collected books are used to encourage children to read. 


We build school libraries with them. During the Read-a-thon hundreds of children take out books from our libraries and improve their literacy skills. Each participant in our Read-a-thon receives a book  and the school which read the most books wins a stack of books for their own English Library.


  • Ask your party guests to bring a gently used children's book along. Ask them to donate a dollar a book to cover shipping costs. 


  • Do a book drive. Set up a basket at schools or synagogues for a few weeks. Collect the books when you are done. 

Alexa busy at her Bat Mitzvah project

Alexa, who chose to collect books for her Bat Mitzvah, with her teacher, Yael, 

Read more about Alexa here.

Fundraise for our Scholarship Fund


  • One girl asked her local pizza shop to donate all profits from pizzas sold during a set two hours to us. They sold a gazillion pizzas that day!


  • Collect old cell phones and used ink cartridges in a drop box at your JCC or synagogue. There are several companies that will refund you for them (contact us for names).


  • Organize a gently used clothing sales and a toy sale.


  • Ask a local store to donate a percentage of profits for A.H.A.V.A.


  •  Ask guests to help finance a project in lieu of presents - upgrading our library, designing a classroom or any other idea you might have.


  • Design t-shirts or create other mementos for friends and family to purchase. Donate the proceeds to A.H.A.V.A.

Cycle and raise money for A.H.A.V.A.

Cycle and Raise money for A.H.A.V.A. through Cycle For Unity

© 2013 by A.H.A.V.A.   Contact us about ideas for special Bar and Bat Mitzvah projects.

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